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1 May 2001

Restaurant opened.  The pictures below are of monks who came to perform the opening ceremony (very important I'm told) and some guests on the opening night.

26 April 2001

Stressed by all the work needed to get the tea room ready for opening we decided to take a break and go fishing.  The one below is considered small for this species of catfish.  It's the same type as the giants in the river Khong.  The guides guaranteed we would catch fish.  If your interested contact us and I'll give you the guides contact address.

24 April 2001

The gardeners were quite impressed by a plant already in our garden.  Apparently it's called a Mickey Mouse plant and hard to find.

18 April 2001

Added location map and menu.  Pictures of restaurant and garden to be added soon.

2 April 2001

Restaurant opening on the 1st. May 2001.  More details to follow.