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AT1. Chiang Mai Cream Tea 70 Baht
Tea or coffee with two fruit scones, Jam, cream and Chiang Mai


AT2. Sandwiches 40 Baht

Choice of Cheese, tuna, ham, chicken, Egg, Chicken Mayonnaise, Egg Mayonnaise or Tuna Mayonnaise Fillings.


AT3. Freshly Brewed coffee 30 Baht


AT4. Ice Coffee 30 Baht


AT5. Ice Coffee Mocha 30 Baht

AT6. English Breakfast Tea 30 Baht

AT7. Earl Grey Tea 30 Baht


AT8.. Jasmine Green Tea 30 Baht


AT9. Darjeeling Tea 30 Bhat




Beer and Wine


D1. Singha Beer small 50 Baht large 80 Baht


D2. Kloster Beer small 60 Baht large 90 Baht


D3. Carlesberg Beer small 50 Baht large 80 Baht


D4. Chang Beer small 45 Baht large 75 Baht


D5. Red Wine 70 Baht per glass


D6. White Wine 70 Baht per glass


Soft Drinks


D7. Fresh fruit juice 40 Baht


D8. Coke, Fanta, Sprite 25 Baht


D9. Soda Water 20 Baht


D10. Mineral Water 20 Baht